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hi there! 

I'm Ashley, the face behind "Of Wyld and Lace".


side-note: I always feel these "about" sections are so awkward because you can't really find out enough about someone in a small paragraph. So I'll give you a few details about me while also telling you why I'm the person to capture your family's photos! 

My husband and I have three beautiful little girls; Halle, Maci, and Fallyn. They were all born within three years, so my life is a little wild right now, but also incredibly rewarding. This right here should give you some insight on to why I can handle your own littles so well! I am tested on my own patience daily. I love all things vintage...like truly love all things vintage not in the current gimmicky way... and at any given point, you will find coffee running through my veins to keep me going and somewhat sane with these three little girls running around. Other than those things, I'm pretty boring and just love to hang out with my family and drink a little whiskey on the weekend. 

*Photos of my Family by the amazing and talented photographer, Lee Pettigrew Photography